St Petersburg Coolhunting

Jenny Micó, our friend and collaborator blogger (from made this incredible cool hunting in St Petersburg.

In general, when we think about the russian style  I’m pretty sure that you, as me, are thinking in Moscu as the fashion city, but let me tell you that the citizens of this awesome place know how to look great.

Their reputation for being easygoing and adventurous is often expressed in clothing. Below you can check it!!!

20140908_143359 20140908_140252 20140908_142129 20140908_141954 9 11 IMG_3086


What do you think? Welcome and thank Jenny for share all this looks with us!!

Jennifer Micó is from Argentina and now is living in St Petersburg. Her blog is and since now she will collaborate in “La Fête de Sophie”.


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  1. Twinkle says:

    Cute blog. Lots of love from Twinkle.

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