Dior opened the gate to its ” Kingdom of Colors”as a welcome to spring, and I’ve been part of this amazing experience!


Follow the Step by Step to get this natural and colorful look:

1-Apply the Nude Air Serum foundation to create an enhanced complexion and unify the tones of the face.


2- Continue with the Diorskin Nude Concealer to hide skin imperfections and create a flawless canvas.










3-Is very important to contour your face and emphasize your angles  using Nude Compact Air 003.

4-A beautiful array of greens and silvers it’s the perfect palette for an easy green spring look. The formula is wonderful on all of the shades and is easy to blending them out and make


Apply Diorshow Khol liners, that is super pigmented and the formula is soft and creamy.  For modern woman who want it more, use Dior Addict It-lash and it can transform your eyes in one second!!! Its formula will give you volume and a radiant violet colour.



5-And the last step to give the skin a flush of pink, use the Dior’s Cheek & Lip Glow. This two-in-one hybrid formula is infused with Fresh Color Reveal technology, which instantly reacts to the moisture in the skin and lips to give them a luminous custom pink glow.

IMG_5889 IMG_5900

Definitely I loved everything of the “Kingdom of Colors”,  but my favorite is the magic product that you can use to add a lovely glow both to your cheeks and lips. Carry Dior’s Cheek & Lip Glow in your bag wherever you go to refresh your look in an instance!!!



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