Style Atlas: London, England

Jen MicoBy Jennifer Micó @jennifermico

To be updated with the latest trends implies knowing what’s in fashion in different countries. If you don’t want to be left behind the seasons’ news, take this Style Atlas as a valuable tool to enhance your own style. Today, a glance at Stella McCartney, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Ozwald Boateng, Burberry, Paul Smith…​The list could be endless. Furthermore, London’s long tradition in the fashion industry promises new fresh material for years to come.

Jim Hu

Nadia Borovikova and Jim Hu,​two young local designers think over L​ondon’s trends, its most influential celebrities, as well as this season’s highlights.

Nadia Borovikova

Dress like a local

As London is one of the World’s melting pots,​there’s people coming from everywhere. Thus, you can find someone wearing a basic white t-shirt and, as you keep walking, you may see an Indian woman wearing her saree. Despite this variety of ethnic groups and clothes, experts confirm that the L​ondon style does exist.​

How would you describe the London style?

Nadia:​P​eople have a strong style, hard to define. It’s a ​well done mix,​they wear clothes in an unusual way.

Jim:​I​’d say women in London have plenty of confidence. They look comfortable in whatever clothing they wear. A​woman from London is different from ordinary people: she has her own fashion category!

Jim Hu

Which are the wardrobe staples?

Nadia:​L​eggings, particularly those made of cotton.

Jim:​S​exy yet simple dresses.

Jim Hu

They give thumbs up to…

Nadia:​B​lack! Women in London also like adding ​vintage items​to their outfits.

You’ll hardly ever find a woman from London wearing…

Nadia: Feminine clothes.

J i m :​ Naive dresses

Nadia Borovikova

How much do they spend on grooming?

Nadia:​Well, t​hey are always dressed to kill!​As they have very busy lives, they make the most of the time and apply the make-up on the tube, for example.

What about the hair?

Nadia:​T​hey leave the house with wet hair!

Nadia Borovikova

British Fashion Icons

According to Nadia and Jim the main British fashion icon are Kate Middleton, Alexander McQueen a​nd J​ohn Galliano.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton
Alexander McQueen
John Galliano

Ph:, and

Spring-Summer season 2015 in…

One color

Nadia Borovikova:​F​resh green

Jim Hu:​L​ight grey and white

One shape

Nadia Borovikova:​E​hhh… Triangle?

Jim Hu:​L​oose fit

One accessory

Nadia Borovikova:​B​ig glasses

Jim Hu:​G​lasses and sandals, for men and women.


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