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Stunning Moscow, part 2

Have you added more Omega 3 to your diet? Are you moisturizing correctly? Last week, we introduced Maria Bondareva, a Muscovite dermatologist and cosmetologist. She shared with us beauty tips and told us about different cosmetology treatments. Here, we bring you the second part of the interview we had with this expert of skin care. Learn more advices, tricks and recepies: Do you know how to make your own fruit acid peel? Find it out! 😉 11910920_895727257128997_145652881_nPRODUCTS AND TREATMENTS

Do expensive products work better than inexpensive ones?

Almost every cosmetology treatments are expensive. Thus, when we see a middle-aged person with healthy skin, we imagine he or she belongs to a certain social class.

Which facial treatments do you recommend?

If you don’t have sensitive skin, any type of dermabrasion, like peeling and professional scrubs, is good. Diamond dermabrasion is really effective too: it removes the higher layer of the skin, making you look younger. I like these treatments because they work and they are suitable for any age. I also recommend moisturizing professional care.

What do you think about organic cosmetics?

Organic cosmetics are fine for patients with normal skin. Anyway, their producers have created a huge marketing campaign, so they are trendy and very expensive.

Are parabens dangerous?

They are harmless to the skin. Paraben-containing products last longer: between one and two years. There are no scientific proofs that parabens are bad for our skin. Organic cosmetics have no parabens and that’s why they last no more than three months.

People want to know

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There’s a popular belief that beauty treatments are slow and time-demanding. Is this true?

There are two kinds of procedures. On one hand, there are fast methods with long-term results. For example, botox, filling injections and facials done with the hydromassage machine are quick, though patients needs to wait for about two weeks to see the results. On the other hand, there are procedures that take longer but patients get the results straight away. It’s the case, for example, of a very popular treatment among the brides: the light peel.

Many pregnant women experience skin changes. What can they do to keep skin healthy?

A good skin care routine it’s essential, even before pregnancy. Now there are some procedures that can be done during the pregnancy, like massage or light peel. I always recommend my pregnant patients to moisturize their bellies more frequently with olive oil. One of the most frequent problems after giving birth is

hyperpigmentation. Fortunately, there are many solutions to to treat it: we can do peeling, use cosmetics or simply wait until it disappears. Women must remember that some procedures can’t be done during the breastfeeding.

Some women suffer from facial hair. Do hair removal creams work?

No, they don’t! That’s a hormonal problem and a special reaction of the body. To remove it, I recommend a laser treatment.

Myth or Fact

● “We should make a plain yogurt mask once a week.”

Why? Yogurt leaves our skin fresh and clean. Milk contains enzymes that improve the skin. So, if your moisturizing cream runs out, you can use yogurt!

● “We should avoid changing products too often.”

Why? Thus, we prevent irritation and skin blushing.

Apart from doing a consultation with a professional cosmetologist, Maria gives us some advices to treat:

● Acne.​Prepare a chamomile infusion, freeze it and then rub it on your face.​

● Stretch marks.​O​live oil is a fantastic moisturizing to prevent them! ● Dilated pores.​First, talk with your doctor about what treatments are

best for you. Then, to minimize the pores, fi​nd the primer that’s

right for your skin. Dilated pores are sign of an oily skin.
● Bags under eyes.​Y ou need to get a good night’ s sleep. Nevertheless,

as there are different types of bags, you should know that some are a symptom of serious conditions like Anemia or issues with the kidneys. Check with your doctor.

● Wrinkles.​Moisturising is the key! Peeling with fruit acids improves the appearance of your skin too.

Thank you, Maria Bondareva, for sharing your knowledge with us!

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