Chandon Party-Punta del Este

There are great parties and then there are really great parties! chandon20Chandon White Party in Punta del Este is one of the most exclusive and chicest event of the summer seasons. This international hot spot of late-night fun is among the ranks of only a few other cities in the world.chandon 6

With nonstop eating, drinking and merrymaking, there was DJs on the beach spinning all kind of music and plenty of good vibes. That let-loose spirit may explain the swirl of celebrities who have arrived to Punta del Este just for this party.chandon 13

All the guests had to wear White clothing as the dress code required.Chandon11 - Versión 2My choice was a ladylike dress by the well-known designer Claudia Arce. And to break a little the monotony of the total white, I decided to wear a red pair of shoes from Josefina Ferroni. moda efecto 3d 6chandon21Take your glass of champagne and say hello to the camara!chandon 11

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