Cherry blossom trends

A glance to Shanghai’s street fashion during the city’s favorite season.shangai

Luxury architecture in the East: Oriental Pearl Tower leads one of the World’s most breathtaking urban landscapes. Ph: Jennifer Micó

This year’s trends for Spring include luminous colors and pieces with patchwork, ruffles and gingham, just to mention a few. Nonetheless, Shanghainese people go for grunge, hipster and denim styles. Also, blue and black are the first choices. As vivid brights await their time to arise, neutral palette rules the scene.

Ripped jeans with the best accessories: brimmed hat and mirrored sunglasses. The choice of accessories can make the difference

From top to toe: bonnie, Mao shirt and pretty shoes (They also look so comfortable!)IMG_0083

Big “Yes!” to this monochrome poncho outfit!IMG_0156

Audacious shoes and tribal necklace lift a denim lookIMG_0126

Perfect maxi long shirt featuring check patternIMG_0148

Never give up! Option 1 An exemplary way of wearing knee-high sneakers. Option 2 Sometimes all you need is a coffee break and a pair of designer trousers

They say: “I don’t do fashion, I’m Fashion”

Written by Jennifer Micó PH: Jennifer Micó

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  1. Wow what a cool looking city and some great style 🙂

    1. Jennifer says:

      Shooting in Shanghai was a great experience both for its people and urban landscapes! 🙂

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