The Gold fragrance Collection by Michael Kors now available in Argentina

Nothing is more alluring than the rich indulgences of Gold.TkT25G8m-79e4ryLivvvHlfmZjI

If you own something from Michael Kors (watch, handbags, heels) you probably have noticed gold accents. The reason? Michael Kors loves gold, and the ultimate symbol of luxury and glamour is The Gold Collection – three individual fragrances destined to shine in fabulous:White Luminous Gold, 24K Brilliant Gold and Rose Radiant Gold.michael-kors-gold-fragrance-collection-2015“The Gold Collection is all about the woman—where she’s going and how she’s feeling,” said Kors.

Radiant Rose Gold: Feeling Romantic. Scent: Enticing notes of sparkling fruits, rich florals, and soft musks.

24K Brilliant Gold: Feeling: All-out glamorous. Scent: Shimmering scents of orange mandarin, florals, and a whiff of woodiness.

White Luminous Gold: Feeling: Powerful. Scent: Sensuous, with a mix of pear, jasmine, and amber.

Michael Kors Gold Collection fragrance has arrived in Argentina and the concept is that every women can choose their fragrance based on the mood for the day. So, today I pick 24K Brilliant Gold :”Yellow gold is unabashedly glamorous; you want to be noticed. You want to have fun”.DSC_0125Michael KorsWhich fits your personality?

PH by Pierre Olivares

Many thanks to Dazzler Hotel Recoleta Dazzler

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