The Gold fragrance Collection by Michael Kors now available in Argentina

Nothing is more alluring than the rich indulgences of Gold.TkT25G8m-79e4ryLivvvHlfmZjI

If you own something from Michael Kors (watch, handbags, heels) you probably have noticed gold accents. The reason? Michael Kors loves gold, and the ultimate symbol of luxury and glamour is The Gold Collection – three individual fragrances destined to shine in fabulous:White Luminous Gold, 24K Brilliant Gold and Rose Radiant Gold.michael-kors-gold-fragrance-collection-2015“The Gold Collection is all about the woman—where she’s going and how she’s feeling,” said Kors.

Radiant Rose Gold: Feeling Romantic. Scent: Enticing notes of sparkling fruits, rich florals, and soft musks.

24K Brilliant Gold: Feeling: All-out glamorous. Scent: Shimmering scents of orange mandarin, florals, and a whiff of woodiness.

White Luminous Gold: Feeling: Powerful. Scent: Sensuous, with a mix of pear, jasmine, and amber.

Michael Kors Gold Collection fragrance has arrived in Argentina and the concept is that every women can choose their fragrance based on the mood for the day. So, today I pick 24K Brilliant Gold :”Yellow gold is unabashedly glamorous; you want to be noticed. You want to have fun”.DSC_0125Michael KorsWhich fits your personality?

PH by Pierre Olivares

Many thanks to Dazzler Hotel Recoleta Dazzler

La Petit Robe Noire Intense by Guerlain

La Petite Robe Noire “Ma Robe Sous le Vent” (“my dress in the wind”) recently launched  as the new Eau de Parfum Intense edition of the fragrance.Guerlain_LPRN_840x420_Categorie

Created by the perfumer Thierry Wasser, this fragrance comes in a deep blue bottle with the drawing of a little black dress in Marilyn Monroe style. The scent is described as a mix of cotton candy, blackcurrant, raspberry, bergamot, rose, jasmine, orange blossom, white musk, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli.guerlain6Inspired by the elegance and femininity of the little black dress, the perfume exudes Parisian chic and gracefulnessguerlain2With the sexiest of the little black dresses, we were invited to join her world, her travels and lifestyle.always with glamorous.Guerlain4

Cherry blossom trends

A glance to Shanghai’s street fashion during the city’s favorite season.shangai

Luxury architecture in the East: Oriental Pearl Tower leads one of the World’s most breathtaking urban landscapes. Ph: Jennifer Micó

This year’s trends for Spring include luminous colors and pieces with patchwork, ruffles and gingham, just to mention a few. Nonetheless, Shanghainese people go for grunge, hipster and denim styles. Also, blue and black are the first choices. As vivid brights await their time to arise, neutral palette rules the scene.

Ripped jeans with the best accessories: brimmed hat and mirrored sunglasses. The choice of accessories can make the difference

From top to toe: bonnie, Mao shirt and pretty shoes (They also look so comfortable!)IMG_0083

Big “Yes!” to this monochrome poncho outfit!IMG_0156

Audacious shoes and tribal necklace lift a denim lookIMG_0126

Perfect maxi long shirt featuring check patternIMG_0148

Never give up! Option 1 An exemplary way of wearing knee-high sneakers. Option 2 Sometimes all you need is a coffee break and a pair of designer trousers

They say: “I don’t do fashion, I’m Fashion”

Written by Jennifer Micó PH: Jennifer Micó

Matching your watch with your clothes

Watches are one of the favorite accessory for women, and many of them have more than one.As you know, every outfit should have a tiempiece. You may need one for sports, one for casual wear and one for dress-up, maybe even one for work. mode9Nothing better than matching you clothes with a nice watch or adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit. Usually black watches are the most formal, while brown, gray or white watches tend to be more casual. Very colorful watches should be kept for casual occasions only.

Watches can help extend your wardrobe because you can achieve multiple looks from one basic dress or monochrome outfit just by changing your accessories.

Obsessed with the ModeWatches collection. Choose the one you think it’s right for you 🙂

Introducing:Dove Powder Soft


El nuevo antitranspirante ofrece una delicada fragancia y una sensación de suavidad única para las axilas. Dove, marca de Unilever, presenta el nuevo antitranspirante Powder Soft, todo el cuidado para que tus axilas se vean lindas, suaves y tersas, a la vez que brinda momentos de bienestar y suavidad en la rutina diaria de toda mujer. Además, cuenta con una fragancia cálida con notas de fresia y peonia.Dove entiende que las mujeres buscamos placer en todo lo que hacemos y la suavidad es una sensación que nos conecta con esos momentos únicos de placer. Por eso, el nuevo antitranspirante Dove Powder Soft ofrece una sensación de suavidad diferente a tus axilas y todo el cuidado característico del ¼ de crema humectante de Dove. Se destaca por tener un delicado aroma a talco brindando una sensación de suavidad única y 48 horas de protección contra la transpiración.DOVE POWDER SOFTSu hermoso envase rosa perlado y blanco simboliza suavidad y femineidad. Se puede encontrar en tres formatos: aerosol, roll-on y comprimido.Con el nuevo Dove Powder Soft podés brindarle a tus axilas toda la suavidad y protección, dejando la piel suave y tersa.

Con Dove Powder Soft, disfrutá una suavidad diferente.

Entra a Dove y participa de un taller de accesorios con Flor Torrente, una clase de cocina con Juliana Lopez May y una charla para crear espacios únicos junto a Cynthia Kern.