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Stunning Moscow, part 2

Have you added more Omega 3 to your diet? Are you moisturizing correctly? Last week, we introduced Maria Bondareva, a Muscovite dermatologist and cosmetologist. She shared with us beauty tips and told us about different cosmetology treatments. Here, we bring you the second part of the interview we had with this expert of skin care. Learn more advices, tricks and recepies: Do you know how to make your own fruit acid peel? Find it out! 😉 11910920_895727257128997_145652881_nPRODUCTS AND TREATMENTS

Do expensive products work better than inexpensive ones?

Almost every cosmetology treatments are expensive. Thus, when we see a middle-aged person with healthy skin, we imagine he or she belongs to a certain social class.

Which facial treatments do you recommend?

If you don’t have sensitive skin, any type of dermabrasion, like peeling and professional scrubs, is good. Diamond dermabrasion is really effective too: it removes the higher layer of the skin, making you look younger. I like these treatments because they work and they are suitable for any age. I also recommend moisturizing professional care.

What do you think about organic cosmetics?

Organic cosmetics are fine for patients with normal skin. Anyway, their producers have created a huge marketing campaign, so they are trendy and very expensive.

Are parabens dangerous?

They are harmless to the skin. Paraben-containing products last longer: between one and two years. There are no scientific proofs that parabens are bad for our skin. Organic cosmetics have no parabens and that’s why they last no more than three months.

People want to know

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There’s a popular belief that beauty treatments are slow and time-demanding. Is this true?

There are two kinds of procedures. On one hand, there are fast methods with long-term results. For example, botox, filling injections and facials done with the hydromassage machine are quick, though patients needs to wait for about two weeks to see the results. On the other hand, there are procedures that take longer but patients get the results straight away. It’s the case, for example, of a very popular treatment among the brides: the light peel.

Many pregnant women experience skin changes. What can they do to keep skin healthy?

A good skin care routine it’s essential, even before pregnancy. Now there are some procedures that can be done during the pregnancy, like massage or light peel. I always recommend my pregnant patients to moisturize their bellies more frequently with olive oil. One of the most frequent problems after giving birth is

hyperpigmentation. Fortunately, there are many solutions to to treat it: we can do peeling, use cosmetics or simply wait until it disappears. Women must remember that some procedures can’t be done during the breastfeeding.

Some women suffer from facial hair. Do hair removal creams work?

No, they don’t! That’s a hormonal problem and a special reaction of the body. To remove it, I recommend a laser treatment.

Myth or Fact

● “We should make a plain yogurt mask once a week.”

Why? Yogurt leaves our skin fresh and clean. Milk contains enzymes that improve the skin. So, if your moisturizing cream runs out, you can use yogurt!

● “We should avoid changing products too often.”

Why? Thus, we prevent irritation and skin blushing.

Apart from doing a consultation with a professional cosmetologist, Maria gives us some advices to treat:

● Acne.​Prepare a chamomile infusion, freeze it and then rub it on your face.​

● Stretch marks.​O​live oil is a fantastic moisturizing to prevent them! ● Dilated pores.​First, talk with your doctor about what treatments are

best for you. Then, to minimize the pores, fi​nd the primer that’s

right for your skin. Dilated pores are sign of an oily skin.
● Bags under eyes.​Y ou need to get a good night’ s sleep. Nevertheless,

as there are different types of bags, you should know that some are a symptom of serious conditions like Anemia or issues with the kidneys. Check with your doctor.

● Wrinkles.​Moisturising is the key! Peeling with fruit acids improves the appearance of your skin too.

Thank you, Maria Bondareva, for sharing your knowledge with us!

Style Atlas: Moscu Rusia

By Jenny Micó Jen Mico

To be updated with the latest trends implies knowing what’s in fashion in different countries. If you don’t want to be left behind the seasons’ news, take this Style Atlas as a valuable tool to enhance your own style. Today, a glance at Stunning Moscow

“The finest clothing made is a person’s skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.” M​ark Twain was right, clothes are important as well. Nevertheless, even the best outfit can be overshadowed by an unhealthy skin.​

Russian woman in Moscow. Ph: Jennifer Micó

Any woman concerned about her image has a​sked​at least one of the following questions: H​ow to fight wrinkles? Is there anything I can do to prevent stretch marks? Does botox work? When is it time for lipolysis injections?

Considering skin i​s the largest organ of our body,​it’s impossible to ignore its appearance. If you wish to have smooth legs, make your face look glowing but not oily or in case you need to freshen up your eyes, the best you can do is to visit a cosmetologist. ​ As you ​wait for your consultation , this talk with  Maria Bondarova will give you a​solid knowledge base of skin care.

Maria is a dermatologist and cosmetologist based i​n​Moscow.​In this article, she shares with us beauty tips, tells us about Russian trends and explains the latest procedures. Furthermore, s​he clarifies many doubts women all around the World have about skin care.​Among other topics, she confirms the solution of cellulite exists and it doesn’t consist of hiding our legs.


Maria Bondarova, dermatologist and cosmetologist based in Moscow.


There are many cosmetology specialities: hairdressers, barbers, makeup artists, skin care specialists, massage therapy consultants, manicurists, nail technicians and model consultant. Which is yours?

In Russia, a cosmetologist is a professional of the skin care, specially the face care. There are two types of cosmetologists. The first type work at institutions and is in charge of light procedures. The second type are the doctor cosmetologists. Recently, the Russian Ministry of Health has recognised the Cosmetology as a medical speciality. In my case, I studied Dermatology first and then I’ve made some Cosmetology courses.

“A cosmetologist must know everything about the patient’s body.” – Maria.

What kind of tasks do you develop during a week of work?

I give many Injections! I give filling, botox, lipolysis and mesotherapy injections. I work with machines to remove hair and scars too. I also do facials and peelings.


Russian woman in Moscow. Ph: Jennifer Micó


What’s the most repeated phrase you listen when Russian patients arrive to your office?

“I want to look younger” or “I want to go back to my twenties!” Whatever they do, they want to look stunning and the want nobody to notice they’ve came to the cosmetologist. That’s why they can say things like: “I want to enlarge my lips, but I don’t want people to notice it.” It may sound funny, but I understand my patients. As a professional, I think it’s really important t​o keep natural facial expressions​of people. Therefore, for example, I may leave a few little wrinkles around the eyes. The result should be nice and natural at the same time.

Which is the most popular treatment?

Threads are really popular! In my office, I’d say injections are really popular too. Dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles in the forehead are other reasons for the consultations of many women.

Which is the most popular problem?

There are two kinds of problems: the real ones and the o​ther​ones. Acne is a real problem for many teenagers and for some adults in their 40s too. Another frequent problem is rosacea. Then, the o​ther​problems, as I call them, are those that don’t compromise people’s health such as hypopigmentation, extra hairs, and wrinkles.

“I always tell my patients that expectations should be real.” – Maria.

Which are the Russian beauty icons?

Russian women like Angelina Jolie’s lips, skin and style. They also like Reese Witherspoon, Eva Mendes and other Hollywood stars. They want to look like them and have their lifestyles.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 24: Actress Reese Witherspoon arrives at the Oscars at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 24, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Actress Reese Witherspoon (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Which are the most valuable facial features in Russia?

Lips should be big and sexy, but not too big. Also, everybody wants defined cheekbones. Healthy skin and good proportions are important too.

Is it me or all Russian women are always impeccable?

Yes, that’s a trend in all Russia. When I’m abroad, I can identify Russian women walking on the street: they always wear heels! Makeup and hair styling can take up to two hours each day. Nevertheless, during the last years, many women began to wear less elegant clothes.

Why there are so many beauty salons in Russia?

Many people think that running a beauty salon is a way of making easy money.

What’s the difference between a beauty salon and the cosmetologist clinic?

You go to a a beauty salon to get a haircut or to get your nails done. In a clinic, we practise procedures like injections. Apart from cosmetologists, in a clinic you find specialists such as endocrinologists. That’s why clinics must have a special license.​Unfortunately, some cosmetologists work at their homes, without the required​conditions. This is illegal and also very dangerous.


Russian woman in Moscow. Ph: Jennifer Micó


Which are three beauty tips that any woman should include in her beauty routine?

Good cleaning, good diet and good moisturizing. A healthy skin is a clean skin. We also say that the skin is a mirror of our diet. Finally, to keep it young, we must moisturize it.

Which are the worst enemies to the skin’s health?

Sun and a diet low in antioxidants and Omega 3. Grape seeds, pomegranate and red w​ine are great sources of antioxidants. In addition,people should consider supplementing meals with antioxidants and Omega 3 tablets.

“The skin is a mirror of our diet.” – Maria.


Is there any magical cream to treat cellulite?

No! All cellulite creams a​ct on the skin.​This means that cellulite creams remove extra water, leave skin s​mooth and accelerate the microcirculation. But to treat cellulite effectively, you need to remove fat and to do so, the only solutions are injections and exercise.

Is there any magical cream to treat eye wrinkles?

Yes! These creams don’t make eye wrinkles disappear completely but they t​ighten the skin and make wrinkles look smaller.

Is there any magical cream to treat all parts of the face at the same time?

Yes, any good moisturizing cream can do wonders for our face. Korean or Japanese brands are my favourites options in today’s market.

“Beauty is a lifestyle. We have to work to be

beautiful. It’s our real understanding of what we do. It’s our patience. Even when we do injections we have to wait.” – Maria

How effective Botox is?

Botox is magic, I have to say it. It comes from Neurology. Botox is a muscle relaxant. We have 32 facial muscles and those in the upper and lower parts tend to harden with age. It’s essential to know a lot of anatomy. So, if the professional knows where and how much botox to use, the patient gets optimal results.


Russian woman in Moscow. Ph: Jennifer Micó

Do you use devices for some treatments?

Yes, they are really effective. Though there are some devices that people can buy to use them at home, serious procedures are done only at the clinique. Moreover, the average price of machines used by cosmetologists is around 26 000 euro.

If you want more b​eauty tips,​r​eliable information about skin care​or if you want to d​iscover more​c​osmetology​treatments,​don’t miss the second part of the interview with Maria Bondarova. You can also leave comments or questions! Thanks, Maria! 😉

What’s Behind Japanese Beauty?

The best-kept secrets of Japanese women to inspire and encourage your skincare routine. And don’t miss Tokyo’s makeup trends!

By Jennifer Micó

They look smooth, moisturised, shiny but never greasy. Walking down the street, you’ll find teens with big smiles but no trace of acne issues. Even if you tried hard, you won’t guess the age of that lady that you’re staring at: not a single wrinkle, not a single spot!


Trust me, I’ve found the worldwide known porcelain doll face in Tokyo. It seems that, in this city, people have no skin problems. And, even if they did, Who could notice them, beneath plenty of cosmetics’ layers and countless hours devoted to the skincare ceremony?

What do these gorgeous, flawless-faced women do? Today I want to share with you the tips that a specialist gave me. Her name is Misaki and she works at Shu Uemura: one of the main Japanese skincare and makeup brand (and they also have very popular hair care articles). Mr Shu Uemura, the brand’s founder, was Frank Sinatra’s makeup artist. When he was back from the States, he began a whole skincare revolution in Japan, which effects can still be seen on the streets. So, get your cleansing oils ready, because that’s precisely where the magic begins!jenny5

1- Skincare is not only a routine but one the most beloved customs a child inherits from her mum. Just like brushing their teeths, Japanese girls soon get into the habit of taking care of their skin’s health.


2- Daytime and nighttime creams are not enough. With only two jars of creams, we’ll stay far away from what a decent skincare routine must be like. A more complete pack would consist on cleansing oil, toner, serum, whitening, emulsion and moisturizing cream (just to mention the most important ones). Yes, they use all these products twice a day, the seven days of the week!

3- Forget the towel and go for the tissues! After rinsing the cleansing oil, Japanese women use a tissue. The purpose isn’t to dry the face but to remove the water excess.

4- Silky cotton: that’s the key! There’re special cotton pads that have one cotton side and one silky side. This type of pads are ideal when applying the toner.

5- Got your anti-age cream, already? If not, maybe you should. Buying the first anti-age cream at forty it’s too late, even at thirty. In Japan, once you’re in your twenties, you must add an anti-age cream to your beauty kit.


6- Enjoy! A skincare routine shouldn’t be a tedious activity but a relaxing one. After doing it for years, and feeling happy with its results, you come to a point where you can’t wait for your skincare ceremony time.

7- Be sure creams remain on your face, not on your pillow. A skincare routine may take about 20 minutes, a big amount of energy and a lot of love. So, to make it worth it, don’t go through the whole process right before going to bed. Read a book, talk with your partner, call a friend: just keep yourself entertained as you let the magic of the creams begin.


Latest Tokyo’s makeup trends:

  • Under base with SPF and mousse texture for a natural look: it’s an unique Shu Uemura creation and that’s probably why it’s one of the brand’s signature skincare articles. It makes the pores disappear.
  • Not all women are Geishas, but there’s still a lot of eye-art in their makeup. When in Tokyo, in any little shop or drugstore you’ll easily find a wide variety of eyeliners, especially liquid ones. Shu Uemura has its own model: a Japanese calligraphy inspired eyeliner. The brush makes it effortless to draw a perfect line. And, good news, it’s waterproof!


  • Mascara is getting less popular. Not all women around the World pursue voluminous and XL lashes. No matter how much makeup they use, Japanese women will always try to keep a look as natural and naive as possible. Hence, if they wear a mascara, they’ll probably prefer the less impressive one.
    • “Oh how I wish that I had a daughter that had skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony.” (It’s impossible not to think of Snow White, while writing about Japanese beauty!) We can leave lips and hair for upcoming posts and let’s focus on skin. Highly influenced by different companies advertisements, Japanese people associate white skin with the concept of beauty. In fact, in Tokyo, any poster publicizing sunscreens will have a white model on it: never tanned! That’s why, even during the hottest days of Summer, Japanese women cover their legs and arms with dark clothes and won’t leave home without a parasol.
    • As well as white, Japanese women prefer a childish look. Pastel eyeshadows and pink blushes are the basics in the girly palette.
    • Grown-ups may quit makeup but they’ll keep their skincare routine forever. After reaching a certain age, Japanese women leave makeup aside and focus on oils, toners, serums and the rest of products to maintain their faces as radiant as a girls in her teens.
    • What’s coming next? This Summer, Shu Uemura will launch a transparent and sparkling gel eyeliner: ideal for shinny look in sunny days.


Did you know the Japanese beauty routine? How is your skincare ceremony? Got any other tip you want to share with us?