“One minute of fame” in CNN

Guest who was invited to have her little collaboration with CNN for the Tv show “In 24 hours”?  Yes, you got it. CNN Sofi pdfAs Andy Warhol said “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, I had my one minute of fame 😉12507447_10208128571710799_341633310168815962_n

The show itself doesn’t take longer which makes my performance literally that of one minute of fame. Anyway, participating in one part of the tv show In 24 hours with his host James Williams, enjoying a long and exotic dinner at Tarquino restaurant, was a very exciting experience.CNN

We had a head to toe tasting menu that uses all the parts of the cow and it was named by his creator, the chef Dante Liporace, as “The Secuence of the Cow”.CNNHead to the link to see more CNNIN24HOURS


“Street Party” in Buenos Aires

The past week, Florencio Bistro, one of the most cozy restaurante in Buenos Aires- that belongs to Maria Laura Daloisio,  celebrated 11 years. For this special day, the agency Poppig Communication Lab organized an unforgettable night in the middle of the street.

Florencio Aniversario-11

Florencio Aniversario-26

The idea was generate an unique climate for over 200 people, creating  a different experience with the neighbors, friends and specials guests including Narda Lepes, German Luna, Juan Manuel Herrera and the exclusive music of Matias Fedele.

Florencio Aniversario-28 Florencio Aniversario-33

With a varied audience, that was from dogfriendly, bike friendly and locals,  some activities took place like nail art, specials drink designed in the moment and of course the big Truck offering delicious food.

Florencio Aniversario-69

Florencio Aniversario-37

This environment could be perfectly compared with a parisian night or with any place in the World.

Happy Birthday Florencio, we can’t wait to go to another Street Party like this!!