Tuscany: Siena and Florence

DSC_0362Tuscany is one of the most beautiful region in Italy where you will find unlimited freedom to explore and enjoy every ruin, castle, and even sports over the mountains!

Since there are so many things to do and see when visiting a place for the first time, that even an extended stay would not be enough to do everything. For that reason is that you can’t miss two of the irresistible places to go: Florence and Siena.

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The two most famous stops on the circuit are Florence, to see Michelangelo’s statues, the famous cathedral and the Ponte Vecchio bridge. And Siena whose historic town center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Siena is famous for the annual Palio di Siena horse race held for centuries right on the central shell-shaped Piazza del Ciampo. This horse race is one of the biggest shows on the events calendar throughout the region each year.


“Nobody in the Palio of Siena, at least in that of modern times, has managed to do what I did and even my opponents, if they are not biased, can not but recognize that I was the best of all and that is unlikely someone will be born able to overtake me. » Andrea Degortes 


We are talking about one of the greatest jockeys who fell in Piazza del Campo 58 times, running for almost all the districts, taking 14 wins, record of the twentieth century, which earned him the title of king of the square.

Strolling the city we found this legend just next to the famous Palio in Siena.


With the legend: Champion jockey of Il Palio di Siena Horse Race Andrea Degortes

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Stockholm Polo Cup 2014

Stockholm Polo Club organized, for the first time in Sweden, an exhibition game at Olympics Stadium, one of the most famous in Europe!

Olympic Stadium

Two locals teams, Stockholm Polo Club and Jaeger-LeCoultre and two invited from France, Chantilly Polo Club, and from Germany, Haskell Polo Team, participed of this amazing show.


Stockholm Polo Club

With the team!

Chantilly Polo Club

Team Stockholm Polo Club with Santiago Shanahan, Niclas Johansson and Kaveh Atrak played against Chantilly Polo Club: Corentin Mahe, Georges Sinclair and Florent Garaud. The french team has been dominated the first part of the game. After the half time Stockholm Polo Club woke up and ends up winning by half goal. Final score 7,5 to 6

Haskell polo team from germany, Uwe Zimmermann, Alessandro Balestri and Rafael Oliviera played a very tight game all the way against Jaeger Le Coultre team, per jacobsson, anders thulin and Tatu Gomez Romero. In the last chukker Tatu made the gap and end up winning by 3 goals.


Germany team


Jagger LeCoultre Polo team



With the magnificent scenario of the Olympics Stadium, built in 1912 in the center of Stockholm, more than 2000 people came to enjoy the final day.

The event was hosted by different sponsorships like Jaeger-LeCoultre y Nyma’s Watch 1851, Veuve Clicquot, Maserati and the polo clothing brand Hierro y Albero www.hierroyalbero.es

Final Results:

Haskell team won the match for the third place against chantilly team by half a goal 10 to 9,5

The final between the 2 swedish team has been dominated by the Jagger LeCoultre team all the way. The final score was 10 to 7. After the match, polo players, their families and 500 VIP guest celebrated with a wonderful cocktail and live music.



Nordic Polo Club

Nordic Polo Club is located at Almare Staket and it was the first club which played a crucial role in introducing polo into Sweden. His owner, Johan Seth, used to organize many tournaments and huge events as a way to show this amazing sport with horses.

Today, the club is managed by a profesional french polo player, Corentin Mahe, who teaches beginners and arranges tournaments with others clubs.

Polo is still young sport in Scandinavia, but the club has one of the best polo field in the region, one outdoor and the other indoor field for arena polo, so even when it’s raining you can play!