Keep Calm and Love rainy days…

Stutterheim is one of the most famous raincoats brand in Sweden.

“Swedish melancholy at its driest” is the slogan that became popular with young customers after Kate Moss was spotted wearing one, and also the couple Kim Kardashian and Jay Z.


923033_559521397404655_1086048314_n-462x616Strolling around the city, here is my outfit: White raincoat by Stutterheim, black jumpsuit and stilettos for a rainy day.


IMG_6234 IMG_6241

IMG_6276 IMG_6230-2IMG_6246“Be well dressed even in bad weather conditions”

PH: Sandra Moreira

Make up: Nadina Fornara @nredvelvet

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What is going on Chanel?

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was one of the most influential women in fashion and her wise phrases continue inspiring the way people dress nowadays.

“A women with good shoes is never ugly”, and she was completely right…but , did you see the last Fall Winter  campaign of Chanel?  Cara Delevingne and Binx Walton go from boxing and they look to be fighting… I don’t understand why the designer Karl Lagerfeld decided to pair each of his looks with running shoe.  In my opinion, if you wanna do sport there is a lot of brands to buy sneakers, instead Chanel.

Cara Delevingne

Bink Walton

Ok, everyone know that the brand philosophy is to wear simple yet sophisticated outfits paired with great accessories and as the great Chanel said “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”, but wearing high fashion sneakers?  I don’t think so.

In Stockholm and in many cities of the world women wear sneakers just to caught the train or go to the office, but then, for dinner or party they change it for high heels, also some of them use just flat shoes to stay all day long chic and comfortable.

Lady in Chanel outfit

Obviously she prefers flat sandals than sneakers 😉

Anyway, I’m still in love with this brand and I hope the tennis shoes would never replace the elegant high heels.

Stockholm Polo Cup 2014

Stockholm Polo Club organized, for the first time in Sweden, an exhibition game at Olympics Stadium, one of the most famous in Europe!

Olympic Stadium

Two locals teams, Stockholm Polo Club and Jaeger-LeCoultre and two invited from France, Chantilly Polo Club, and from Germany, Haskell Polo Team, participed of this amazing show.


Stockholm Polo Club

With the team!

Chantilly Polo Club

Team Stockholm Polo Club with Santiago Shanahan, Niclas Johansson and Kaveh Atrak played against Chantilly Polo Club: Corentin Mahe, Georges Sinclair and Florent Garaud. The french team has been dominated the first part of the game. After the half time Stockholm Polo Club woke up and ends up winning by half goal. Final score 7,5 to 6

Haskell polo team from germany, Uwe Zimmermann, Alessandro Balestri and Rafael Oliviera played a very tight game all the way against Jaeger Le Coultre team, per jacobsson, anders thulin and Tatu Gomez Romero. In the last chukker Tatu made the gap and end up winning by 3 goals.


Germany team


Jagger LeCoultre Polo team



With the magnificent scenario of the Olympics Stadium, built in 1912 in the center of Stockholm, more than 2000 people came to enjoy the final day.

The event was hosted by different sponsorships like Jaeger-LeCoultre y Nyma’s Watch 1851, Veuve Clicquot, Maserati and the polo clothing brand Hierro y Albero

Final Results:

Haskell team won the match for the third place against chantilly team by half a goal 10 to 9,5

The final between the 2 swedish team has been dominated by the Jagger LeCoultre team all the way. The final score was 10 to 7. After the match, polo players, their families and 500 VIP guest celebrated with a wonderful cocktail and live music.