Stockholm Fashion Week Spring Summer 16′

The Fashion Week is one of the biggest event of fashion in the year. It hosted the most stylish girls and the best labels that presented their Spring Summer 16′ collections.

The 3 best labels that you can’t miss in Stockholm:

Ida Sjöstedt:

Swedish fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt graduated from London’s University of Westminster in the year 2000, and set up her own label in Stockholm the following year.
Since then she has become one of Sweden’s most popular designers, combining ready to wear collections with couture dresses for private clients, and with an ever growing following crowd who love her signature style of tasteful kitsch.


Collection dedicated to the fact that every girl is being fed with idealized stories of true love’s kisses as the key to salvation and happiness.


“No matter who you are, where you from or what you do, when life gets tough, sometimes all you can do is hang onto your fantasies”


House of Dagmar

The company is run by the three sisters Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam.

_MNO0021DDagmar is characterised by a style best described as unconventional and sophisticated. The garments from Dagmar stand out with their unique combination of high quality, trendiness and sensuality. The collections unite glamour and tailoring with the finest materials. The feeling, the colours and the patterns are found primarily in the Art Deco period of the 20’s and 30’s. Motion pictures, architecture, art, music and dance inspire to the decadent touch. The feminine sensuality adds a fascinating mysticism to every Dagmar item. Safeguarding the craftsmanship and to make use of valued traditions from the past, are important parts of the creative process when developing the collections.


The principal source of inspiration – and muse – is the sisters’ late grandmother by the name Dagmar. She was herself a tailor and inspired the sisters to develop their interest for fabrics and design at a young age.


Diana Orving 

Swedish fashion brand by designer and artist Diana Orving.

ORVING consists of two lines of work; one being the Collections run by season (SS/AW), and one being the Atelier focused on more experimental artistic work.


DIANA ORVING has a multi-faceted and variable style with a distinctive design that is characterized by an organic feel and movement through layers, volume and beautifully draped fabrics. The work with the collections is centered on the actual construction, Diana explores and works with her unique draping techniques, used in a number of ways to create intricate silhouettes consistently throughout the collection._MNO0141DO

Creating playful and stylish garments that dynamically encounters the person wearing it. Encouraging movement by the body and by the garment itself, every piece should ask for altering.


Special thanks to ThomasHaggPR

Keep Calm and Love rainy days…

Stutterheim is one of the most famous raincoats brand in Sweden.

“Swedish melancholy at its driest” is the slogan that became popular with young customers after Kate Moss was spotted wearing one, and also the couple Kim Kardashian and Jay Z.


923033_559521397404655_1086048314_n-462x616Strolling around the city, here is my outfit: White raincoat by Stutterheim, black jumpsuit and stilettos for a rainy day.


IMG_6234 IMG_6241

IMG_6276 IMG_6230-2IMG_6246“Be well dressed even in bad weather conditions”

PH: Sandra Moreira

Make up: Nadina Fornara @nredvelvet

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