Tuscany: Siena and Florence

DSC_0362Tuscany is one of the most beautiful region in Italy where you will find unlimited freedom to explore and enjoy every ruin, castle, and even sports over the mountains!

Since there are so many things to do and see when visiting a place for the first time, that even an extended stay would not be enough to do everything. For that reason is that you can’t miss two of the irresistible places to go: Florence and Siena.

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The two most famous stops on the circuit are Florence, to see Michelangelo’s statues, the famous cathedral and the Ponte Vecchio bridge. And Siena whose historic town center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Siena is famous for the annual Palio di Siena horse race held for centuries right on the central shell-shaped Piazza del Ciampo. This horse race is one of the biggest shows on the events calendar throughout the region each year.


“Nobody in the Palio of Siena, at least in that of modern times, has managed to do what I did and even my opponents, if they are not biased, can not but recognize that I was the best of all and that is unlikely someone will be born able to overtake me. » Andrea Degortes 


We are talking about one of the greatest jockeys who fell in Piazza del Campo 58 times, running for almost all the districts, taking 14 wins, record of the twentieth century, which earned him the title of king of the square.

Strolling the city we found this legend just next to the famous Palio in Siena.


With the legend: Champion jockey of Il Palio di Siena Horse Race Andrea Degortes

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Hej, What is Midsummer in Sweden?

I’ve been invited to celebrate one of the most important day in the swedish calendar: Midsummer, the longest day in the year!

We went to Skansen, the world’s first open air museum, because definitely is an outdoor activity and you can enjoy different shows, the traditional dance around the maypole, delicious food and, of course, do a picnic with your friends 🙂

About the outfit? Some people wear folk costume, but in general a garland of flowers and light clothes.

If you are in Sweden on 19,20 or 21 don’t hesitate to join this great party.


Garland of flowers

Tipical swedish horse

Välkommen till Sweden

Here I’am, back in Stockholm!
Called The Venice of the North, this beautiful city has more than 200 lakes and archipelagos and is build on 14 island connected by 57 bridges.
I’ve been here last summer and its was such a great experience, there are thousands attractions to choose from and I made my own list.
I will show you different places and activities in my posts through pictures and recommendations.

Hope you enjoy it!


Valkommen in SWEDEN!!!

Valkommen in SWEDEN!!!